Audrey's hands are super capable. It is easy to train people to do a massage, but few people have the "touch" and Audrey has that touch. The right pressure, the right place, the right technique at the right time. She does indeed have 'kickin hands'
Dr. Evan Hughes D.C.

Because of my work, I travel all over the world and the United States. And because of a bad back, I always try and seek out a good massage therapist wherever I may be. Finding myself working in Bedford, MA and living in Lowell, MA, I naturally started my quest. Searching the yellow pages I found Audrey’s ad, liked it, gave her a call, explained my situation and she promptly got me in for a massage. Again, I’ve had massages all over the world, some good, and some bad. To my surprise, I proceeded to get one of the best, if not the best, massages I’ve ever received! I found Audrey to be professional, likeable, knowledgeable and extremely skilled. I would HIGHLY recommend Audrey for any type of therapy, whether it is medical or just a good old relaxing massage.
Lee Hennington - NM

“I have a very old injury which causes a lot of discomfort to my back and sciatica from time to time. I’ve gone to many massage therapists and Audrey is the only person I’ve found who knows what to do to make me feel better. I am continuously impressed with her knowledge about the body and her ability to heal.”
Meg Howe, client since 2003

Working with computers every day, my body constantly gets beaten up. Having a message to relax and get back to peak efficiency is essential to running my business. Wilson Therapeutic & Medical Message has given my body & me the boost I need to perform at my best. The deep tissue message I got pushed the knots out of my legs and lower back. I felt like a new person after I left! I will return on a regular basis and I am pleased to recommend Wilson Therapeutic & Medical Massage highly.
Jim Beaucaire, Technical Partner, The Computer Shrinks, Andover, MA

In December 2003, I had some serious cervical spine surgery due to degenerative disc disease and osteo-arthritis in my neck. I had to have three vertebrae fused in my spine, a bone graft and a steel plate and screws inserted to reconstruct my cervical spine.

Five months after the surgery, I was still on many medications and narcotics for pain, nerve damage and inflammation. I discussed this with my Doctor and he recommended that medical massage might be a good option for me to try to relieve some of the pain and inflammation in my neck.

I called Wilson’s Therapeutic & Medical Massage in Chelmsford, MA and spoke with Audrey Wilson. I told her that I wanted to try medical massage as a way to get off all of these narcotics and addictive prescription medication that I had been on for nearly a year.

Audrey was able to get me off almost all of my medication and control the pain and discomfort in my neck within 4 months. I was able to return to my job, which required a lot of business travel and carrying and lifting my luggage and personal laptop computer. In working with Audrey over this time I was able to gain back my life and return to a job that I had held for 25 years.

Shortly after returning to work I was in a 97 mile per hour head-on motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver. I returned to Audrey for medical massage again because the impact of the crash caused considerable damage to my shoulder, back and neck. I highly recommend Audrey’s medical massage as it has helped me to cope and manage the pain from this terrible crash. Without Audrey’s expertise in medical massage it would be difficult for me to endure the chronic pain and muscle spasm that I experience without her services.

I highly recommend Wilson’s Therapeutic and Medical Massage for anyone who suffers from back and neck pain as I do.

Thank You Audrey for making me feel better and helping me to control my chronic pain.
James A Hunter - Lowell, MA


I am writing to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past several months to make my neck and back feel so much better. In my car accident last year where I sustained neck and lower back injuries, I do not think I would have been able to get through it without your “miracle hands”. When I first came to you I was in so much pain, unable to work much and had very little range of motion in my neck.

After a few sessions, you were able to get my range of motion back to where it belonged as well as relieve the muscle tension and pain. I was really miserable when I walked into your office last year. I can now say, that was one of the best moves of my life. As a caterer, my job is very physical and I really need my back in good shape. Thank you for helping me get it there and keep it there.

I would highly recommend you for anyone in need of a medical massage actually, for any type of massage for that matter.
Jeanne Baxter - Westford, MA


While touring through Lowell MA with Stomp, I made an appointment with Audrey straight from the phone directory. Because of the demands the show puts on my body, I need bodywork frequently and often my only option is to pick a random therapist. Well, I was lucky. I did not expect to receive such personal and skilled massage therapy. I would recommend Audrey Wilson to anyone who needs a well-rounded deep tissue/ stress reduction massage.
Noah Mosgofian - Stomp Tour of the Americas

"As 51 year old who cycles 100 miles a week, plays golf, and skis every weekend in the winter, staying flexible and loose is a must. As the years progress, keeping up this activity level is an increasing challenge. Regular work with Audrey helps me maintain flexibility, range of movement, and speeds recovery time when I occasionally over do it"

What wonderful calming, relaxing and effective massages I have received over the years at Wilson's!!! Audrey- the massage therapist has made it a point meet my various medical needs and be very helpful. Which I must say they all have been very effective and educational. She works with my scheduling needs. I have referred many to her with the confidence they will be getting top quality care!
Aida Marti